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Explore with Tess has a simple mission: Helping you get more out of this experience we call life. Travel can be mind-expanding and spirit-lifting. But often we don’t prepare well, thus missing a lot of the joy.

I’ll use my professional and travel experiences, along with a fascinating network of everyday explorers, to help us get more out of travel. We might even have an adventure or two on the way!

Tess’ Story

Teresa “Tess” Lamsam, once upon a time.

My love for travel and adventure started early in life thanks to a family, poor as we may have been, who had the gene for wanderlust. We could probably chock it up to a love of people and their stories.

I started my journeys at our little town library. Through my adventures in reading, I learned to solve mysteries, love exotic foods, and thrash through the jungles as a beautiful Victorian adventuress.

The first in the family to travel the world – other than for world wars – were my cousins Holly and her husband, Brian. I thought they were about the keenest people in the world. For me, nothing was more thrilling in life than their visits home.

During holidays, family near and far would gather at the house of my grandparents, Holly and Zula Johnson in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

I looked forward to those times like any child who anticipates yummy treats, presents, and family fun. I was always thrilled to see the whole family, but Holly’s arrival harkened something even more special. She was the embodiment of my books come to life!

Once she arrived, I waited patiently for the show-n-tell of whatever new trinkets and stories she brought this time. Was it more jade from the Far East? Photos from the ancient pyramids? Tales of a real Ali Baba? The anticipation was delightful.

After those idyllic childhood years, I set off on my own adventures. Now, here I am ready to help you discover your adventurous side.

I invite you to pour a cup of tea, enjoy a little tête-à-tête, and explore with Tess.

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