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Travel + BBQ = “BBQ Highway”

Thanks to the help of the Reeds, Explore with Tess is kicking off what I hope will become a profile series called Explorers in Focus about all of you adventurers out there.

Daniel and Jolynn Reed

Jolynn Reed & her husband, Daniel Reed, love BBQ.  And they love to travel.

The semi-retired couple are “traveling” managers for an independent retirement communities company.  They have been working with senior citizens for the past 13 years.

Five years ago, they began traveling across the United States as “fill in” managers, stepping in whenever there was a management vacancy in a community.   They are now traveling for the retirement company and for their personal fun.   In the past year, they have “worked” in Tennessee, Ohio, Nebraska, Texas, and New York!  In their free time they explore!  And that usually includes stopping in at local BBQ joints.   

After making posts on Facebook about the different places they had enjoyed, friends encouraged them to start a FB page—telling about their BBQ adventures.  “BBQ Highway” was born.

Dan & Jolynn split their free time between their homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Sedan, Kansas (in southeast Kansas just over the Oklahoma border from Pawhuska).   

They have two children, a daughter in law and a granddaughter. Jolynn is a photographer, and Dan is a golfer.   Most days you will find them on a dirt road in their red Jeep, exploring!

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