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20 of the Best Wine Glass Charms to Fit Every Occasion

Wine glass charms may be among the most delightful and practical of wine accessories. Fun and practical to pretty and whimsical designs are good reasons to send you searching for your next set.

Our roundup of recommendations for wine glass charms run the gamut of themes and types. From charms to markers to magnets, all of these products are affordable enough to buy in bulk.

In case you’re in a hurry to pick out a set, we start you right off with a list of our Best Picks. Further in the article, we outline the uses for wine glass charms as well as reasons to pick one type over another.

In addition, we take you through recommendations for preparing for your next wine tasting party – even if it is a small gathering.

Our Top Picks for Wine Glass Charms & Markers

Best OverallTrudeau’s Duo Tone Floral Wine Charms in a set of 12Amazon
Best BeachMagnetic Flamingo Beach Charms in a set of 7 by the Simply Charmed StoreAmazon
Best PremiumShiraleah‘s set of 6 wine bottle charms in gold, rose gold, and silverMacy’s
Best Bargain29 colorful silicon Wine Glass Tags with 2 bottle stoppersAmazon
Best TravelA World Travel Collection of 16 wine glass charmsAmazon
Most FunColorful Prancing Llama drink markers in a set of 6Amazon
Best BlingSwarovski Crystal magnetic wine glass charms in a set of 12Amazon

How to Use Wine Glass Charms

The best answer to how to use wine glass charms? In bulk! Wine glass charms are fun, affordable, and gift worthy. Depending on the types of wine charms you select, you might want to send them home with guests as a party favor.

Having several sets of wine glass charms on hands, helps you prepare for impromptu gatherings as well as party themes. 

But before we move on with your list of Best Picks for Wine Glass Charms, let’s go over some of the uses and choices.

Even if your gathering is small, it’s still useful to help guests keep track of their glasses and avoid germs – not to mention it helps keep wine waste to a minimum. When someone doesn’t recognize their wine glass, they are likely to pour out the wine rather than risk drinking after someone else.

Some wine charms come with options for personalization. And, of course, wine markers also make personalization easy.  

Traditional wine glass charms are like little bracelets that go around your wine stem. However, you also have the choice of magnetic charms, which come in especially handy when you use wine tumblers.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to reuse the wine glass charms or send them home with guests. 

Parties often have themes, and with wine glass charms, it’s easy to find sets to match your party theme.

Best Wine Glass Charms by Categories

Best Overall

Silicone floral wine charms

A set of 12 silicone wine glass charms that adjusts to all stemware and comes with a 5-year warranty. 12 colors in four floral shapes. Dishwasher safe.

The flower stems wrap around the glass stem and then poke through the flower.

Best Beach Wine Glass Charms

Simply Charmed

A set of 7 magnetic wine glass charms with a fun beach vibe. Made in the USA.

Also makes a great hostess gift.

Looking for more wine charms with a beach vibe? Here’s our full recommendation list.

Best Premium

Shiraleah‘s set of 6 wine bottle charms in gold, rose gold, and silver.

Made of metal allow. Hand wash only.

Best Bargain

A set of 29 pieces that comes with two bottle stoppers. It’s easy to attach it to the stem of a wine glass with a simple open and close buckle design, then pull apart the loop to hook or unlock.

Best Travel

16 charms made of metal allow and finished in an antique silver color. The ring that attached to the wine glass stem is about the size of a quarter.

Looking for more wine charms with a travel vibe? Check out this set of 10 travel wine glass charms with:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Dutch Windmill
  • Opera House
  • World Globe
  • Taj Mahal
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Big Ben
  • New England Lighthouse
  • Jet Plane

Most Fun

These colorful llamas like to ride on the rim of your glass. Made of food-grade silicone; hand wash only.

For more colorful or funny choices, see this list:

  • Funny sayings on 12 natural cork wine charms that attach to wine stems with a ring loop. Sayings like: wine o’clock, GOT WINE, I wine A LOT, Wine not, Wine down, LIQUID therapy, Cloud wine”, Pour delicious, Wine a little, Wine me up, Winoholic, and Yes way Rose.
  • Galentine’s Day wine glass markers with matching temporary tattoos for guests.
  • Rose wine glass charms in 12 different colors.

Best Bling

A set of 12 Swarovski Crystal magnetic wine glass charms. Comes in a lovely box that you can use for storage. Made in the USA.

For even more bling, check out these two sets.

  • Swarovski Crystal wine charm tags that fit on the glass stem. The center crystals comes in the these colors: light blue, crystal clear, green peridot, smoke grey, peach coral, and light lavender.
  • Diamond ring wine glass markers with a Sharpie pen for personalization.

Wine Glass Markers

Markers can be used along with wine glass charms or on their own if you want to keep things simple. We found 3 well-rated market packets:

Wine Tumblers: The Star of Barware

If you opt for wine glass markers or magnetic wine glass charms, wine tumblers are an excellent choice for your gathering. There’s something to be said for using tumblers instead of stemware. 

Wine tumblers are trending for a reason, and we can think of several. 

  • They store easily. Aside from the insulated wine tumblers, they stack easily in a cabinet. 
  • Again, other than the insulated variety, they are dishwasher safe. 
  • Wine tumblers are good for large parties, for the above reason, plus they don’t easily knock over. 
  • Some wines benefit from being held by the bowl. 
  • Insulated wine tumblers keep wine chilled longer than stemmed glasses.

Find out about the best wine tumblers from affordable to premium in our Ultimate Wine Tumbler Wish List.

What to Serve at Your Wine Tasting

Cheese, chocolate, desserts and charcuterie are the most popular foods to serve for wine tastings and for good reason. These foods pair well with wine. 

We recommend a versatile Spanish cheese called Manchego, so called after the name of the sheep from which it is made. 

Manchego cheese, a semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese with a distinctive balance of sweet and savory, has a buttery texture and notes of fruits and nuts. The Manchego becomes piquant as it ages.

Manchego cheese comes only from the whole milk of manchega sheep in the La Mancha provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, or Toledo.

We’ve written about everything you need to know about Manchego cheese in this article – The Exclusive Guide to Manchego Cheese Wine Pairing.

Games to Play at a Wine Tasting Party  

Wine board games and wine tasting games are various enough to fit any type of gathering from an intimate gathering of friends and family to a fun party full of people. 

One of our favorite wine tasting games is From Vines to Wines tasting and trivia game, which is meant to be both fun and educational.

The game creator took extra steps to make the board game itself appealing and the wine information accurate. The game was carefully researched by well-traveled wine tasters, and the main art of the game is based on an artist-commissioned oil painting.

What’s the premise of the game? Open 4-6 bottles, roll the die, move your cork from vineyard, harvest, crushing, clarification, bottling, and tasting. Along the way, answer trivia questions and taste test with each move.

Wine Board Games and Tasting Games

In addition to From Vines to Wines, we have recommended several board games for wine lovers as well as tasting party games in our article “How to unwind with the best wine board games and wine pairings.” We’ve also included wine pairing suggestions for the games.

Here’s a quick overview of our favorite wine board games and wine tasting games.

Stonemaier’s Viticulture Essential Edition board game gives you and up to 6 players an opportunity to create the best winery in Italy!

For those who love wine board games, Vinhos (Portuguese for wine) is well known. The game tests your skills at the trade and economics of wine making. The deluxe edition is updated with new art and components as well as improved and simplified rules of the original game.

A favorite among wine board games, Wine-opoly is just like the traditional game of Monopoly. Instead of real estate transactions, you are dealing in wine. The game is for two to six players, and you can choose between traditional length play time or a one-hour version.

Touted as one of the best wine board games for a girl’s night, Chardonnay Go is decidedly an adult game. As you move around the board, you will also draw challenge performance cards, such as “While dancing and stradling your chair, look alluringly to the person on your left.”

Game creators Conner and Jessica Taylor got the idea for the Sommify wine tasting game when Connor was studying for his sommelier exam and his level 3 WSET certification from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

The Taylors thought the traditional way of studying wine tasting – joining a group – was rather stuffy. Instead, they developed a game that could be more like a fun friends night.

The creator of Winerd Tamara Leigh Murphy paired wine trivia questions, which can be difficult for those without wine knowledge, with a blind tasting wine board game that has been featured on the Today Show and on the Wine Spectator Gift Guide.

The Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit is big league material. This “game” is not something you buy for a boozy night with friends, and not to mention, it is expensive and not always available.

wine glass charms
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Wine glass charms may be fun or even beautiful, but they all serve a practical purpose as well. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to lose track of their drink when I’m at a party – even a gathering in my own home.

Wine glass charm sets also make great gifts for occasions like:

  • Christmas. It’s fun to pick out sets to match family member’s personalities. We like getting wine glass charms as stocking stuffers.
  • For Bridal showers and bachelorette parties, it’s easy to find themed wine charm sets.
  • Wine charms also make great hostess gifts or party favors.

We’d love to hear how wine glass charms have been used at your gatherings. Leave us a comment!

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