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French Wine Gifts For the Lover of Sophisticated Wine

Do you have a wine lover in your life for whom you are looking for French wine gifts?

Our goal is to provide a variety of options to find the best gift for the French wine enthusiast in your life. 

Of course, we provide ideas for French wine as gifts, but there are other options below as well that will make your gift the one that they always remember. You can use these ideas to go with a bottle of wine or completely separate.

There are many fine gifts to choose from when picking the best route. It can be overwhelming, but we wanted to simplify the process for you. Thus, we broke it down into categories of French wine, French wine gifts for the kitchen, and an assortment of other gift ideas for every occasion.

French Wine

When looking for French wine gifts, one of the obvious answers may be “french wine.” However, it is a classic gift to give to any French wine lover. To give the gift of wine to someone who understands and appreciates fine French wine. 

One of the best places to buy French wine is They separate their wine by categories, including a whole section for French wine gifts. 

Once you click on “France,” it breaks it down even further, recommending wines based on the region of France.

Why makes it easy to choose the best French wine

Chat Option 

One of the things I appreciated the most about is the chat option. When I was looking for French wine gifts, I was able to talk to a “wine expert” who helped me pinpoint the best choices.

Winemaker Notes 

Each wine you click on gives a detailed description of the wine as well as the history behind it. You could even use it to add as a note to let your friend or family member know specifically why you chose the wine.

Critical Acclaim

After the description for each, there are bits of information that give even more detail about each wine. When you read through them, you find the best explanations that give you a full view of the wine you are about to buy.

Our Favorite French Wines

1) Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

French wine gifts

This sparkling wine is from Champagne, France. As describes it, “initially reminiscent of yellow and white fruits, then of vanilla and later of brioche.” If you want to give a fresh yet exquisite taste to a family or friend, this would be the best wine to choose from.

Champagne is in the northeastern part of France and from which the sparkling white wine derives its name. Ten percent of all sparkling wine comes from the Champagne region. The cool temperatures that occur in the Champagne region mixed with the rolling hills keep a freshness to the grapes that are used to produce Veuve Cliquot. 

A bottle of Veuve Cliquot can truly range from $50 to over $800 depending on the bottle. The brand has been around since the late 1700s and translates into  “Widow Cliquot,” named after Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin who was widowed at age 27 but used her time and energy to develop this delicious bubbly wine.

2) Bouchard Pere & Fils Gevrey-Chambertin 2018

This pinot noir from Burgundy, France is full of fresh fruit fragrances that are pleasing to the nose as well as the sophisticated taste buds. It is paired well with cheese and red-meat that are full of flavor.

Gevrey-Chambertin is a town in eastern France, just 15 kilometers from Dijon. The area is most famous for its Grand cru Burgundy wine. This area has become quite a tourist spot for those with a keen sense of smell and taste for fine wine. They are also known for their handmade wine glasses, which will take fine wine to a newer level.

3) Chateau Marsau 2016

When we spoke to one of the wine experts on the site, she recommended this one as the best “anyday sippers” from a small producer. If you love deep, rich wines this may be the best route to go.

This red blend is from Bordeaux, France. It is specifically from a location called Côte de Francs. Chateau Morseau is owned by the Chadronnier family, with a vine age of approximately 35 years. Their grape variety is one hundred percent merlot.

Wine Gift Baskets

A bottle of fine French wine is a standalone great gift. However, adding a gift basket to it adds to the appeal of buying French wine gifts. If you have ever considered turning it into a wine gift basket, we have found the best options for you to make sure it is truly a French experience.

This French Duo Wine Gift Box not only gives exquisite French wine but adds chocolate as well.

They also have a French Trio Wine Box – a gift that will last for a while!

Is your gift recipient a red wine lover? Sometimes we tend to automatically think of white wines such as Champagne when it comes to French wine, but there is a spectacular Taste of France Red Wine Gift Box as well that comes from French wine regions. | Taste of France Red Wine Gift Box

However, if you have a true French wine connoisseur, there is nothing more classic than a Moët & Chandon Champagne Gift Basket. This extra-dry French champagne is one wine that every French wine lover knows about. 

Founded in 1743, this wine is explained on its site as: “ a bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and an elegant maturity that are the result of the slow, gradual progression from vine to cellar.” 

Of course, the added Godiva chocolates make this the perfect French wine gift for any family, friend, or coworker. You can also add a personalized message on the ribbon with your color of choice.

French Wine Books

For French wine books, we chose books for French wine lovers of all types. It includes a list for those who already know a great deal about French wine to those who are beginners. It also includes books for those that have a love for European history.

French Wine Gifts for the Kitchen

For those that love French wine gifts, they most likely are a fan of things for their kitchen as well. Whether or not they cook is a moot point; it is all about having the finest for either their kitchen or for their dining room when having others over for wine night or other experiences.

Any of these French wine gifts for the kitchen can be used as a stand-alone gift. However, all of these also would make great gift pairings as an addition to a bottle of wine.

French Cheese Board

This French cheese board includes a map of France with specific cities pointed out. On it, it says “Fromages de France”, or French cheeses. It has a perfect place to put a knife for the cheeseboard and would be great for a French wine and cheese lover.

French Bread Board

We often hear about the wine and cheese combination, but few of us talk about the bread and wine combination. For the friend in you that loves French bread to French wine, this gift would be great to pair with a bottle of French wine.

Everything You Need to Know About a Manchego Cheese Wine Pairing

Other Fun French Wine Gifts

French Vineyard Decor Sculpture

This fun French gift is an 18-inch wine barrel wall sculpture. This goes above beyond a “decoration”. Instead, it brings the best parts of a vineyard to life in their own home. This is a great gift for someone’s dining room.


This apron has an image from a rural wine town in southern France. It would be a great apron to hang in the kitchen of a wine lover.

Wall Decor

This vintage poster would be great to add to the kitchen or dining room of someone who appreciates French wine gifts. One of the best parts of choosing this poster as a gift is that it comes in multiple sizes. It is printed on recycled paper and comes with free shipping.

Refinery No. 1 has beautiful wall decor for the person whose heart lies in France. It is hard not to spend hours on their site as all of their items are gorgeous and rich in taste. 
We particularly liked the watercolor art that could be added.

When I think of French wine, I think of the French countryside. Not the hustle and bustle of Paris, but instead rolling hills and smooth, serene landscapes. Why not add some French country to the house of the person looking for a French wine gift?


Although there is no French wine directly on the tablecloth, this French tablecloth resembles a historic French newspaper. The design is vintage and would be a great addition to a wine and cheese night.


French wine gifts are an amazing gift to give to anyone, no matter how much of a French wine connoisseur they are. 

There are multiple wine options from that give great explanations into the type of wine you are buying. There are also a plethora of gifts available. All of them could either be stand-alone gifts or given in conjunction with a great bottle of French wine. 

Do you have a favorite French wine? Let us know in the comments below which French wine gift you think is best!

French wine gifts
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