Tropical Clothing Brands: Your Ultimate Guide to Stylish Vacation Wear

Welcome to a world where style meets adventure, be it in a tropical paradise or your own backyard. This guide is your compass through the vibrant landscape of tropical clothing brands.

Tropical clothing isn’t just about looking picture-perfect in holiday snaps. It’s about feeling comfortable, exuding confidence, and capturing that elusive spirit of relaxation and adventure. The realm of tropical clothing brands is as varied and colorful as the destinations they’re inspired by, offering a delightful array of options that cater to a range of styles, budgets, and ethical considerations.

Whether lounging by a pool or hosting a tropical-themed barbecue at home, this guide will help you navigate tropical clothing brands. From established names to emerging designers, the best options to elevate your tropical style are within reach. Embark on this sartorial journey, and by the end, the perfect tropical wardrobe will be within your grasp. Dive in and explore!

Tropical setting with palm trees
As the sun sets behind a silhouette of palm trees, imagine the vibrant colors and patterns of tropical clothing brands bringing that same warmth and beauty to your wardrobe.

Dive into Tropical Clothing Brands

When it comes to embodying the spirit of sun-soaked climates or creating a vacation-like atmosphere at home, tropical clothing brands stand out. These brands masterfully blend fashion-forward style with practicality, making them irresistible for any tropical enthusiast.

A key advantage of tropical clothing brands is their expertise in fabric selection. They often incorporate lightweight, breathable materials like cotton, linen, and silk, perfect for hot weather. These fabrics ensure you stay cool and comfortable, whether you’re exploring a beach town or lounging in your backyard.

But it’s not just about comfort. Tropical clothing brands excel in capturing the spirit of the tropics in their designs. With vibrant colors, bold prints, and relaxed silhouettes, these pieces can instantly transport you to a beachside paradise, even if you’re just enjoying a staycation at home.

Adding to their appeal, these brands often draw inspiration from the cultures and landscapes of tropical regions. This means that when you opt for these brands, you’re also embracing a diverse array of cultural influences and styles. It’s a delightful way to explore different cultures through the lens of fashion.

And let’s not overlook sustainability. Numerous tropical clothing brands are now prioritizing eco-friendly materials and fair trade practices. By choosing these brands, you’re not only looking fabulous but also contributing positively to the environment and communities worldwide.

In a nutshell, choosing tropical clothing brands is about more than just fashion. It’s about comfort, cultural exploration, and making a positive impact. It’s about embracing the joy and spirit of the tropics, no matter where you are.

Top Tropical Clothing Brands for Women

When it comes to tropical clothing, women have a myriad of brands to choose from, each offering unique styles and designs that encapsulate the essence of tropical living. Here are some of the top tropical clothing brands for women that are making a splash in the fashion industry.


Aje is an Australian fashion label founded in 2008 by Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest. The label is known for its stylish and versatile clothing, which is designed with a touch of luxury. Aje blends raw aesthetics, strong femininity, and an easy-going attitude in its designs.

The label’s clothes are often made from high-quality materials and feature flattering cuts and silhouettes. Aje is popular among celebrities and fashion icons alike, and its clothes have been worn by the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid.

The label has also been featured in major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Aje is a successful Australian fashion label that has gained a global following for stylish and luxurious clothing.

Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull the Brand is a fashion label that places a high value on ethical manufacturing processes and supporting the local community in Indonesia. Owners Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger met on their travels to Bali and bonded over their shared love of travel and adventure. They decided to start Faithful the Brand to combine their passion for fashion with their commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Their handmade, hand-dyed, and hand-printed collections by local artisans are designed with the modern, globe-trotting woman in mind, offering lightweight, travel-friendly garments that ensure style and comfort wherever you may be. Every piece in the Faithfull brand is produced in family-run factories across Indonesia.


If you’re looking for tropical clothing that makes you feel like a goddess, you need to check out Zimmermann. This Australian fashion brand is known for its dreamy, feminine designs perfect for the beach, the pool, or a night out in the tropics.

The beauty of the natural world inspires Zimmermann’s designs, and they often feature bold prints, flowing fabrics, and flattering silhouettes.

Zimmermann, an Australian brand, has earned international recognition for its sophisticated femininity, clever use of color, and delicate original prints. Zimmermann’s designs reflect the brand’s modern and optimistic aesthetic, creating dynamic retail destinations. The brand has also been honored with several fashion awards, including the Australian Fashion Laureate Award.


Lemlem is a brand that creates stylish resort wear for women, made entirely in Africa by local artisans. The name Lemlem means “to bloom and flourish” in Amharic, and the brand was founded by Liya Kebede, a supermodel. The goal of the brand is to preserve the traditional art of weaving in Ethiopia and to help boost economic growth in the region. Lemlem’s pieces feature bright colors and stripes, making them perfect for casual and chic occasions.

Lemlem is all about building a strong, fair, and long-lasting fashion industry in Africa as well as valuing and upholding artisans, their craftsmanship, and their communities.


Reformation started as a small vintage clothing store in Los Angeles in 2009. Today, the brand is known for creating effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure and pioneering sustainable practices. Reformation wants everyone to be able to wear eco-friendly clothes.

They make everything from low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. Their products are designed, shot, and shipped at their facilities in Los Angeles. Reformation is committed to pushing the industry forward and investing in future-focused solutions, which is why they’re a certified Climate Neutral company and will be Climate Positive by 2025.

Roller Rabbit

Roller Rabbit is a brand that finds inspiration in the diverse cultures, landscapes, and people they encounter. Their mission is to enrich the vibrant lives of their customers with clothes and accessories that inspire dreams, uplift spirits, encourage play, provide comfort, and allow for the cherishing of every moment with loved ones.

They place great importance on the creation process, working with artisans and utilizing materials that align with their values. Roller Rabbit collaborates with artisans from various parts of the world, including India, Peru, Italy, Portugal, Kenya, Nicaragua, and the United States, reflecting a global approach to their creations.

Johanna Ortiz

Founded in 2003 in Cali, Colombia, Johanna Ortiz has grown into a global lifestyle brand, known for its unique design language rooted in femininity and celebration of the exquisite. The brand offers ready-to-wear, swim, accessories, and home collections, each embodying the spirit of Latin air.

Johanna Ortiz is committed to social change, empowering local talent through its educational initiative, the “Escuela Johanna Ortiz,” and collaborating with indigenous communities throughout Colombia. Each creation is a testament to the brand’s commitment to community, opportunity, and empowerment.

Farm Rio

Farm Rio is a vibrant brand from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that has been spreading happiness through its creative cultural movements since 1997. The brand, which started as a small stand at a local independent fashion market, has grown over 25 years to become Brazil’s most beloved clothing and lifestyle brand. Farm Rio is known for its products that embody the feminine spirit and the lively colors of Rio.

Farm Rio is not just about fashion; it’s also about giving back to the environment. The brand has partnered with One Tree Planted to aid in reforestation efforts across all Brazilian biomes. For every purchase made, Farm Rio donates the equivalent amount needed to plant one tree. By the end of 2022, they had reached the milestone of planting 1,000,000 trees. This commitment to nature and the environment is a testament to the brand’s inspiration and ethos.


L*Space is a brand that encapsulates the quintessential California beach lifestyle. The brand creates timeless pieces inspired by Californian culture and natural beauty. At L*Space, the perfect fit is everything.

They offer high-quality swim and fashionable, multipurpose apparel that can be worn from beach to brunch to night, inspiring confidence in their customers through fit and premium fabrics.

Hemant and Nandita

Hemant and Nandita is a brand that believes in creating timeless pieces inspired by the colors and beauty of Indian culture and tradition. The brand is more than a vocation for its founders, it’s a passion that drives them to curate these marvelous dresses, tops, skirts, and so much more.

Every design showcases expert craftsmanship, with each garment having a peculiar, unexpected, and playful signature that would’ve easily been missed if one didn’t share a keen eye for detail.


Miguelina is a women’s clothing brand known for its bohemian-luxe dresses, caftans, pants, and jumpsuits that are synonymous with jet-set chic. Miguelina’s unique laces, designed and developed in-house, offer a level of complexity that’s sought after worldwide.

As a passionate traveler and nature enthusiast, Gambaccini is dedicated to mindful sourcing and sustainability, reflecting a commitment that is as intricate and beautiful as the laces themselves. She works in collaboration with local artisans and women’s cooperatives around the world to create classic, high-quality pieces that women can buy fewer of and wear forever.

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Top Tropical Clothing Brands for Men

As we dive into the world of men’s tropical fashion, it’s time to spotlight some brands that are making waves in the industry. These brands have mastered the art of combining style, comfort, and functionality, offering pieces that are perfect for a beach vacation or a poolside getaway. From tailored swim shorts to vibrant prints, these brands cater to the modern man who values quality and style. Let’s explore four top tropical clothing brands for men that are setting the trend in resort wear.

Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown is a brand that has revolutionized the concept of swim shorts. They’ve taken a tailored approach, transforming the swim short into something more versatile and stylish. The brand was born from the idea that swimwear should be as well-fitted and thoughtfully designed as the rest of a man’s wardrobe.

Their shorts are not just for swimming; they’re smart enough to be worn to lunch or for a casual day out. The brand’s commitment to quality and detail ensures that their pieces are not only functional but also fashionable.

Frescobol Carioca

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Rio de Janeiro, Frescobol Carioca offers a touch of Brazilian flair to men’s resort wear. The brand is renowned for its handcrafted beach bats and stylish swim trunks. Each piece is a reflection of Rio’s laid-back lifestyle and the joy of the Brazilian game of Frescobol.

The brand’s swimwear line is no exception, offering a range of trunks that are as comfortable as they are stylish, making them a perfect choice for both beach and poolside lounging.


Born in the spirit of St-Tropez in the 1970s, Vilebrequin is a brand that embodies the joy and freedom of summer vacations. Known for their colorful and fun prints, Vilebrequin’s swimwear is a celebration of the good life. The brand’s story began with a love story and a pair of swim trunks, and it has since grown into a global lifestyle brand.

Vilebrequin is committed to quality and detail, ensuring that their pieces are not just stylish but also durable and comfortable.


Onia is a lifestyle brand that emphasizes comfort and versatility. Co-founded by Carl Cunow and Nathan Romano in 2009, the brand offers a range of wardrobe essentials that are designed to transition seamlessly from active days to restful weekends. Onia’s swimwear is known for its great fit and form, delivering functional and stylish options for men.

The brand is committed to using high-quality fabrics and paying attention to the finest details, ensuring that their pieces are reliable, elevated, and well-crafted.

Noteworthy Tropical Clothing Brands to Discover

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, there are brands that consistently capture our attention with their unique interpretations of tropical style. While not necessarily new to the scene, these brands continue redefining tropical fashion with their innovative designs, commitment to quality, and embodiment of the vibrant spirit of tropical locales. From minimalist aesthetics to playful prints, these brands offer diverse styles that cater to different tastes and preferences. Let’s explore some of these noteworthy brands that continue to make significant contributions to the tropical fashion scene.


Founded by Nikki Campbell and Sophie Coote, Sir is an Australian brand known for its sleek, body-hugging silhouettes. The brand’s designs are a celebration of the modern woman, offering a range of pieces that are both sophisticated and effortlessly chic.

Sir’s collections are characterized by their minimalist aesthetic, clean lines, and attention to detail, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a refined tropical look.

Borgo De Nor

Borgo De Nor is a London-based brand that specializes in creating pieces with playful, mood-boosting colors and joyful prints. Founded by Carmen Borgonovo and Joana de Noronha, the brand is known for its feminine dresses that are as vibrant as they are elegant.

Borgo De Nor’s designs are inspired by the individuality of women, resulting in pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful.


Sea is a New York-based brand that is known for its sweet details like crochet lace and micro ruffles. Founded by Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan, Sea offers a modern take on bohemian style, blending cool downtown vibe with a bit of uptown polish.

The brand’s collections are characterized by their intricate detailing, innovative textures, and unique prints, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated tropical look.

The Great

The Great is a brand that is known for its romantic prairie dresses and floral frocks. Founded by Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, the brand offers a range of pieces that are both nostalgic and modern.

The Great’s collections are characterized by their playful prints, feminine silhouettes, and vintage-inspired details, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a whimsical tropical look.

Lug Von Siga

Lug Von Siga is a brand that is known for its fanciful embroidered dresses inspired by Istanbul’s rich culture. Founded by Gul Agis, the brand offers a range of pieces that are both modern and traditional.

Lug Von Siga’s collections are characterized by their intricate embroideries, unique prints, and feminine silhouettes, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated tropical look.


Altuzarra is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear brand launched in New York by Joseph Altuzarra in 2008. Known for its sophisticated pieces that never go out of style, Altuzarra combines French sophistication and femininity with American pragmatism and versatility.

It’s collections are characterized by their modern silhouettes, artisanal details, and rich fabrications, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious tropical look.


Alémais is an Australian brand that is known for its eclectic prints crafted by local artisans. The brand’s collections are characterized by their vibrant colors, unique prints, and feminine silhouettes, offering a range of pieces that are both stylish and sustainable. Alémais’ designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, resulting in pieces that are as beautiful as they are eco-friendly.

Cara Cara

Cara Cara is a New York-based brand that is known for its playful dresses for casual yet glamorous moments. Founded by a team of industry veterans, the brand offers a range of pieces that are both stylish and comfortable.

Cara Cara’s collections are characterized by their vibrant colors, unique prints, and feminine silhouettes, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a fun and flirty tropical look.


Matteau is an Australian brand that is known for its elevated elegance and ready-to-travel dresses. The brand’s collections are characterized by their minimalist aesthetic, clean lines, and neutral color palettes, offering a range of pieces that are both sophisticated and effortless.

Matteau’s designs are inspired by the simplicity of the Australian landscape, resulting in pieces that are as beautiful as they are sustainable.

Hill House Home

Hill House Home is a New York-based brand that is known for its comfortable dresses that can be worn all summer long. Founded by Nell Diamond, the brand offers a range of pieces that are both stylish and comfortable.

Hill House Home’s collections are characterized by their relaxed silhouettes, soft fabrics, and feminine details, making them a perfect choice for those seeking a cozy tropical look.


Dôen is a California-based brand that is known for its micro floral numbers. The brand’s collections are characterized by their feminine silhouettes, soft fabrics, and vintage-inspired details. Dôen offers a range of pieces that are both stylish and comfortable, making them perfect for those seeking a relaxed, boho-chic aesthetic.

With a nod to nostalgia, Dôen’s designs are a modern interpretation of classic styles, resulting in timeless yet contemporary pieces. Whether you’re lounging at home or heading out for a casual day out, Dôen’s pieces are sure to add a touch of effortless elegance to your look.

Finding Your Perfect Tropical Clothing Brand

Navigating the diverse landscape of tropical clothing brands may seem overwhelming, but rest assured, it’s about discovering a brand that harmonizes with your personal style, respects your budget, and aligns with your values.

Begin by contemplating your personal style. Are you inclined towards minimalist designs or do you have a fondness for vibrant prints and colors? Do tailored pieces captivate you or are you drawn to the comfort of relaxed silhouettes? Understanding your preferences will help you pinpoint brands that echo your style language.

Next, consider your budget. Tropical clothing brands span from budget-friendly to luxury, so it’s crucial to select a brand that fits your financial plan. Remember, investing in quality pieces that you adore and will wear repeatedly is a wise decision—it’s both sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

And let’s not overlook sustainability. An increasing number of brands are raising their standards with ethical manufacturing practices and eco-friendly materials. If this is a priority for you, seek out brands that are transparent about their efforts to minimize their environmental footprint.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Tropical clothing brands offer a spectrum of styles to cater to any taste or preference. Whether you’re packing for a beach vacation, planning a tropical escape, or just want to infuse some island vibes into your everyday look, there’s a brand out there that’s perfect for you.

From well-established names to emerging designers making waves in the fashion industry, the tropical fashion scene is as diverse as it is vibrant. Remember, the perfect brand for you is one that aligns with your style, respects your budget, and shares your commitment to sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of options! For men, consider Orlebar Brown, Zimmermann, and Vilebrequin. For women, brands like Faithfull the Brand, Zimmermann, and Lemlem are worth exploring. And don’t overlook brands like Sir, Borgo De Nor, and Alémais—they’re injecting fresh vibes into the tropical style scene.

What should I consider when choosing a tropical clothing brand?

Reflect on your personal style, your budget, and the brand’s sustainability practices. The best brand for you will mirror your personal taste, respect your budget, and align with your values.

Are there any sustainable tropical clothing brands?

Yes, indeed! Many tropical clothing brands, like Deiji Studios, Alémais, and Matteau, are prioritizing sustainability with eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices.

Can I wear tropical clothing even if I’m not in a tropical location?

Certainly! Tropical clothing isn’t just for beach vacations or tropical getaways. Many pieces are versatile enough for a variety of settings. Plus, adding some tropical flair to your everyday wardrobe is a delightful way to keep those vacation vibes alive all year round.

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