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Save your special wine corks with an elegant or fun wine cork holder

The world of wine cork holders is as diverse as the variety of wines. You’ll be able to discover a wine cork holder that reflects your own style or décor; and they’re also great presents at any time of year!

One of life’s little pleasures is opening wine bottles. But what to do with the wine corks? They aren’t suitable as coasters, and they’re certainly not practical as doorstops! So, how about storing them in a wine cork holder?

We spent a good deal of time pouring over the options for a wine cork holder and present the results of that shopping bonanza below. But before you get to those suggested products, we gathered a few fun facts about cork. 

Enjoy learning or move straight into finding your perfect wine cork holder by using the Table of Contents.

illustration of wine corks to use in a wine cork holder

How do you display wine corks?

A wine cork holder is an excellent method of storing and preserving special wine corks and memories. You can display wine corks in a wine cork holder on shelves, mantelpieces, tables, or walls. There are several types of wine cork holders to choose from including wall mounted wine racks and decorative wine bottle stands.

If you’re not sure which type of wine cork holder to choose, why not try one that fits your lifestyle? For example: If you love traveling and have collected wine corks from all around the world – what about displaying them on an elegant wire globe wine cork display?

If space is at a premium, wine cork holders don’t take up a lot of room, and wine corks can be stored in tiny spaces. If you have the least amount of space to work with – try a wine cork holder that you can mount on a narrow wall space!

Nowadays there are many different types available online that you might need a little help navigating the world of wine cork holders. That’s where we come in! We’re here to guide you to the perfect choice for your collection or a gift for a friend.

What is a wine cork holder?

When a wine-loving friend introduced me to the idea of a wine cork holder, I imagined something that would simply hold one. But then at home she showed me her collection and all those corks from our dining out and travels.

I knew she was saving the wine corks, but I never thought about asking what she did with them!

For a wine lover, wine cork holders are an excellent way to tuck away special wine corks.

You can fashion your own version of a wine cork holder – which could be a simple container or maybe a catch-all drawer in your kitchen. But how much better to match your cork holder to a theme or your decor!

Recently harvested planks of cork.

What is cork made of?

Cork is made from the bark of various cork oak trees, which are grown and harvested mainly on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). In fact, 80% of the world’s cork comes from this region and most of the cork is used for wine stoppers. 

“After a tree reaches 25 years of age, it can be stripped of its cork once every 9 to 12 years without causing damage to the tree,” according to the Rainforest Alliance. “A single cork oak, which lives up to 200 years, can be harvested over 16 times.”

If you’re a wine nerd like us, we think you will enjoy world-renowned wine writer Jamie Goode’s Illustrated Guide to the Cork Production Process, which is featured on his Wineanorak website.

6 wine cork holder ideas

Let’s get those creative thoughts going with a few ideas of how to collect wine corks. Do you save all of your corks or just special ones?

  • Collect corks according to types of wine. You could store red wine and white wine corks separately or organize the collection by wine types, like chardonnays or pinot grigio.
  • Display corks as souvenirs from your travels.
  • Use your corks in DIY crafts, like a fun Tic, Tac, Toe set
  • Save only corks from your favorite bottles of wine. 
  • Save corks from special occasions, such as a wedding, anniversary, celebration, or special date night. 

My favorite way to save corks is by wine regions, like the Wine Regions of Portugal.

Fun Facts About Wine Corks

Fact 1

About half of the cork harvested every year in the world comes from Portugal. Within Portugal, the best cork comes from the regions of Algarve and some parts of Alentejo.

The cork tree groves share the Algarve wine region with some of Portugal’s most sought-after tourism spots,golf courses, and beach resorts. The not-too-hot, not-too-cold sunny location also helps produce some really good white wines, although the predominant wines here are red.

Vistas of vast plains accented by olive and cork trees cover most of the Alentejo wine region. The Spanish border lies to the east, the São Mamede mountains hem in the southwest, and the Algarve wine region is just beyond to the south.

To sample a red wine from this region, we recommend the delicious and affordable FitaPreta Vinhos A Touriga Vai Nua 2020.

Fact 2

Cork forests are a vital part of the ecosystem. They help prevent dry regions from turning into inhospitable deserts, and allow for biodiversity to thrive in these areas while sustaining natural resources with their harvesting process which is among the most environmentally friendly out there! 

In harvesting cork, the trees are not cut down. Think of it like shearing sheep for wool. The bark grows back over time.

Fact 3

Cork stoppers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and for good reason. Cork allows just the right amount of oxygen to interact with the wine. Makers of the new synthetic stoppers claim that their “corks” are even better, but the best wineries in the world disagree. It’s natural cork or nothing for them! 

47 of our top picks for a wine cork holder

Wine cork holder letters

Monogram letters are a creative way to display your special wine corks. Use one by itself or use a combination of letters to spell out words and names. 

Be romantic with an initial combination like S & T or spell out how you feel in your relationship with “Love” or “Joy.” Or, maybe you just want to show how much you love wine with letters to spell out “W-I-N-E.”

Here are 3 highly-favored wine cork holder letters from Amazon. Note that they come in small and large sizes.

Wine cork holder shadow box

A wine cork holder shadow box can be wall mounted or placed on a tabletop. A shadow box can be extra fun because of the sayings that are often etched on one. Sayings that include:

DIY wine cork holder 

A DIY wine cork holder project could start at home! Before you buy something, take a look around to see if you can repurpose an old container such as a terrarium – I have a few of these around from my son’s school project days!

You could also go junk shopping at garage sales and flea markets. If you want to be more sophisticated, go on an antique shop crawl.

DIY wine cork holder projects also make for fun couple’s time. We love how Bahareh & Johnny added fairy lights to vintage lantern turned cork holder!

Like me, maybe you just don’t have the patience to DIY anything, but would rather buy something that does double duty. You could always try these easy-to-use DIY cork holders from Amazon!

However, if you are an ambitious crafter, we found this gorgeous cork Christmas wreath for inspiration!

Wine cork wall holder

A wine cork holder that can be wall mounted may be the way to go if cabinet or tabletop space is limited.

Favorite rooms for a wine cork wall holder include the kitchen, den, game room, and bar area. 

We found 8 options in a variety of looks and styles that might be just right for one of your rooms.

A wine cork holder in the shape of a state is the perfect gift or collectible for people who love to support their state’s wineries. They have all of the states to choose from.

For wine lovers who enjoy domestic travel to U.S. wineries, how about a wine cork holder in the shape of the good ol’ USA!

Decorative wine cork holder

If you’re looking for a wine cork holder to fit your personality or decor, here’s the list of Top Decorative Wine Cork Holders that offers something for everyone. I’ve already found several that are perfect matches for friends and family with specific interests, such as cats, dogs, and travel.

The Picnic Plus store has 24 styles of themed wine cork holders, including a rooster, a camping trailer, and a barn with a grain silo tall enough to fit a wine bottle. For the holidays, they have an ornament wine cork holder that is selling out fast! See image below:

Wine cork holders for wine aficionados

How can you have too many wine accessories? Wine cork holders make the perfect gift for any occasion, and these wine-themed holders are sure to hit the spot.

A wine cork holder in the shape of a glass, bottle, barrel, or decanter will please any aficionado. So will these amazing wine decanters with stoppers!

Large wine cork holder

Large wine cork holders can double as furniture and wine storage as well as wall decor. When you want one place to hold all of your wine, a large holder is the best solution.

The perfect accent for any wine enthusiast, this barrel cork catcher table with a 500-cork capacity is the center of attention. It’s 20 inches tall and 14 inches in diameter, which makes it an appropriate size to place beside your favorite couch!

Sturdy and stylish, this 28-inch wine rack with a large cork holder base is the perfect way to show off your favorite wines. It has a vintage metal designed goblet shape with a cork top material that creates an eye-catching appeal for any room décor while also holding up to 12 bottles! 

The horizontal wine storage keeps bottles at a slight tilt so that the corks never dry out.

The sleek black metal wire wine rack with its cork collecting bin is the perfect accessory for avid wine lovers. Capable of holding 6 bottles in a small space, it can be used as both an accent and convenient countertop holder that will keep your favorite wines close by at any given time! 

The two chalkboard labels on either side allow you to write quotes or fun notes about wines featured among other things- making this piece just as much functional art — and dare I say…fun decor?

Located on California’s beautiful Central Coast, Eco-Wine Furniture is a company that produces furniture from environmentally friendly sources. They buy recently retired oak wine barrels and turn them into handcrafted pieces using sustainable manufacturing techniques to last longer than traditional counterparts while saving money! 

You’ll love owning or gifting one of these beautiful wall-mounted cork holders for your home or business because not only do they look great, but these products also help save our planet in more ways than you can imagine – all powered by old-fashioned means.

This oversized cork stool will be a welcome addition to any home with its luxurious Grand Vin de Champagne finish. A durable and functional decoration, this table can also double as an extra seat or side lamp stand!

Take note that one version has a rounded top while the other one has a flat top – an important distinction depending on how you want to use the stool.

Pin image showing wine corks
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Other gifts for the wine lover in your life

Wine decanter with stopper

In our guide to wine decanters with stoppers, we take you through the “Why” and “How” of decanting all types of wines AND offer top wine recommendations so that you can try your hand at the decanting methods.

Let’s start with a Rule of thumb: Young wines need decanting mainly for aeration and old wines mainly for separating the sediment. But this is not a hard and fast rule. The decanting process itself is not complicated but knowing what wines to decant and how is more nuanced.

Read more about wine decanters …

20 of the best wine glass charms

Wine glass charms may be among the most delightful and practical of wine accessories. Fun and practical to pretty and whimsical designs are good reasons to send you searching for your next set.

Our roundup of recommendations for wine glass charms run the gamut of themes and types. From charms to markers to magnets, all of these products are affordable enough to buy in bulk.

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The world of wine tumblers

Wine tumblers have become so popular that the number of options can be overwhelming. 

Abundance of options + high quality = good problem to have. That is, until you have to wade through all the choices on multiple websites. 

Thus, we decided to take on that task. The result is an article that curates the abundance of wine tumblers by top picks in popular categories.

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Final thoughts on a wine cork holder

Wine corks have been around for centuries and wine cork holders are a great way to save wine corks while reflecting your own style. These wine cork holders come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose one that matches your personality!

If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own wine cork holder.

Wine corks are an ideal means to preserve memories of fun times spent with friends over glasses of wine because they’re one-of-a-kind!

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