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Wine Pairing with Pork Made Easy in This Ultimate Guide

Pork is a staple in many households, and it’s no wonder why. Pork is incredibly versatile, can be prepared in a variety of ways, and pairs well with so many different wines!

Pork is wine friendly! A wine pairing with pork can include wine from anywhere in the wine world—from a dry wine like Chardonnay to an off-dry wine such as Riesling.

The versatility of a wine pairing with pork may make your selection difficult! After all, there are so many choices. How do you choose?

It’s important to consider your personal tastes and other food being served before making this decision. That’s where we come in!

In today’s article, we explore selections for a wine pairing with pork from two perspectives: cut of meat as well as the flavor profile of the dish.

Wine Pairing with Pork: Our Top Picks

In this section, find a quick reference list of the best wines to pair with pork. These were chosen for their versatile flavor profiles and ability to enhance both delicate and bold flavors.


White Bordeaux


Pinot Noir

Pinot Gris (Alsace, France)

Riesling (Alsace, France)


Ribera del Duero

The Expansive Guide to Wine Pairing with Pork

This guide to a Wine Pairing with Pork is going to show you some of the most recommended wines for this type of meat. Next, we will explore typical pork dishes and make recommendations based on cut or ingredients in the recipe.

Overall, the most recommended selections for a wine pairing with pork include both red and white wines. In general, choose a light to medium-bodied red wine and light, crispy whites with high acidity. 

Now, we can break down these recommendations (plus a few more) based on the most popular cuts and recipes for pork.

wine pairing with pork
Our recommendations for a wine pairing with pork in a handy graphic for you to save!

Wine Pairings for Pork Chops and Pork Tenderloin 

Pork chops and tenderloin are cuts of pork with a lean, mild flavor.

Pork chops are cut from the loin, which runs from the hip to shoulder. The four sections that pork chops come from are the shoulder (blade), rib, loin and sirloin.

Pork tenderloin is an extra lean cut of pork which lies between the loin and shoulder. It’s very tasty, low in fat, but can dry out easily if overcooked so be sure to watch it carefully when you’re cooking!

Two characteristics (lean and mild) are key to considering a wine pairing with pork chops and tenderloin.

White Wines

  • Chardonnay
  • White Bordeaux

For white wines, a Chardonnay has the perfect balance of richness with fruity crispness to pair well with pork chops and pork tenderloin cooked with butter and creamy sauces.

The range of flavors in a Chardonnay varies enormously from country to country and region to region. Some regions produce wines with a much leaner flavor profile while others have an intense fruity taste and notes of oak aging.

The Pacific coasts of Chile, Australia, and South Africa have been recognized for their high quality cool-climate regions. Other great locations include California, Oregon and Washington in America, France’s Burgundy region, and finally, Argentina’s Uco Valley.

For an everyday Chardonnay that tastes luxurious, try the smooth, easy-drinking Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre 2016 with hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

This Chilean Chardonnay will have you feeling like the waves are lapping at your feet on a beautiful beach in paradise!

The Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay 2019 from Sonoma County, California, has a pale, medium straw color. As you pour it, the wine’s aroma is of white peach and nectarine along with scents of juicy melon combined with oak spice hints like vanilla, toasted nuts light caramel notes infused with cinnamon flavors. 

This creamy richness boasts ripe pear and peach flavor that gives it an elegant balance from start to finish which makes this seamless in taste.

White Bordeaux

White Bordeaux wines are made by blending different varieties of grapes to create a unique flavor profile. The two major styles of Bordeaux Whites, light and fruity or rich and creamy, determine the price range as well as overall quality.

Columbia Valley, Washington

The DeLille Chaleur Estate Blanc 2018 has a bright, citrusy aroma that is mingled with fragrant baked pie crust and velvety flowers. It’s medium to full-bodied on the palate while being smooth and creamy textured.

A winery that has been making wines for over 25 years, DeLille Cellars is well known in the state of Washington as a producer of quality and excellence. With Bordeaux and Rhône style blends true to their terroir, they are continuing that tradition today.

Carneros, California

Arietta On The White Keys is a white wine blend from Carneros, California that awakens the palate with a delightful burst. It has notes of Meyer lemon, orange peel, and hints of vanilla bean and pie crust mingling with rushing river aromas.

The 2019 Arietta Blend Wine features freshness to its core showing vibrant flavors like star jasmine flowers, magnolia petals, and gardenia blossoms in every sip for your enjoyment!

Red Wines

  • Beaujolais
  • Pinot Noir

The complexities of a good wine pairing cannot be underestimated. A light red wine like Beaujolais or Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for leaner cuts of pork, such as chops and a tenderloin, which can be on the drier side. A juicy wine makes a perfect accompaniment to the leaner pork cuts.


The southern region of Beaujolais wine region produces light, dry red wines made from the Gamay grape. Unlike most other regions in Burgundy which have a variety of different types of soil and climate conditions that affect what grapes grow well there, this is not true for Beaujolais where vineyards are planted on granite hillsides with very little variation across any given appellation within it.

Beaujolais has been producing wine since Roman times but its popularity skyrocketed after World War II when new technologies to improve quality were developed by Jules Chauvet who was an early advocate that better winemaking techniques could produce world class wines in areas previously thought unsuitable.

The 2019 Beaujolais-Villages from Jean Foillard is juicy and fruity with brilliant violet hues.

Intense flavors include bitter cherries and dark berries. Balanced by acidity and smooth tannins it finishes cleanly, revealing notes of allspice on the aftertaste.

Other Beaujolais worth experiencing:

Pinot Noir

Despite being notoriously difficult to grow, Pinot Noir is produced around the world. This wine originates from Burgundy in France and it is famous for a silky mouthfeel, low tannins, lovely fruit aromas, and good acidity.

The Russian River Valley in California and the Willamette Valley of Oregon are ideal locations for growing Pinot Noir grapes, which produce exceptional wines. The cool climates allow these areas to grow high-quality grapes that contribute to excellent wine production.

Eyrie Estate Pinot Noir 2017

This wine is a classic example of age worthy Pinot Noir. Its red berry flavors are bright and its tannins fine, creating an elegant depth in the flavor profile that has balanced notes of earthy spice.

Hirsch San Andreas Fault 2018

This 2018 San Andreas Fault Estate Pinot Noir is a lively, layered wine with hints of cherries and pomegranate is perfect for your wine pairing with pork. It’s also rich in complex aromas like baking spices that add to the charm. The tannins are gentle on your palate making for an easy drinking experience while still keeping up its firm structure from start to finish.

Faiveley Mercurey Rouge 2019

The 2019 Faiveley Mercurey Rouge is a delightful vintage! This bottle’s deep ruby tone emits aromas of sweet berries and spices which leaves one feeling refreshed after each sip as it goes down smoothly in contrast with its silky finish fulled by intense flavors. It is an elegant choice for wine pairing with pork.

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Wine Pairing for Pork Roast

For pork roasts with a more subtle flavor, I recommend using white wine. For pork roasted with flavors that are slightly bolder and gravies to match, it is better to use red wine instead.

When selecting a bottle for a wine pairing with pork roast, you have several choices. We presented those recommendations below according to wine type.

White Wines for Pork Roast

  • Pinot Gris (Alsace, France)
  • Riesling (Alsace, France)
Pinot Gris (Alsace)

If a French Pinot Gris will hold up to the Alsace speciality Baeckeoffe (casserole made with potatoes, onions, mutton, beef, and pork), it will certainly match a pork roast.

Alsace Pinot Gris are made in a variety of styles, from dry to sweet. The wines have a wide range of flavors that include floral and fruit-scented, flinty and smoky, spicy honeyed ones.

A Pinot Gris is a favorite choice for a wine pairing with pork.

Riesling (Alsace, France)

Riesling is a traditional grape found along the Rhine river. It was first grown in Germany and then in Alsace, France, where it accounts for about 25% of vineyards. Though one of the world’s northernmost wine regions, Alsace is a dry area, protected by a mountain range that shields it from rain.

The dry terroir produces fully ripe grapes that have time to fill with sugar and aromatic fruits and spices.

Rieslings, especially those from the French Alsace regions, are some of the most recommended bottles for a wine pairing with pork.

Red Wines for Pork Roast

  • Barbera
  • Ribera del Duero

Barbera is the ideal wine for food, including a wine pairing with pork. With an aromatic berry taste, good acidity, and light tannins, Barbera can be paired with a variety of appetizers or main dishes. The Italian grape originates from Monferrato in central Piemonte where it has been around since the 13th century as one of Italy’s most planted varieties!

A bottle of Barolo definitely falls under the category of affordable Italian wines imported into the USA. At these prices, you can try a few!

Ribera del Duero

The Ribera del Duero is a wine growing region along the Duero River in Spain. In Portugal, the same river, named the Duoro, winds through Portugal’s most famous wine growing region and is home to the world-reknown Port wine.

You can also join us as we Explore the Wine Regions of Portugal.

To achieve the official Designation of Origin, Ribera del Duero wines must contain 75% of the Tempranillo grape. These wines are among the most food-friendly of Spanish wines.

For a wine pairing with pork, try any of these great selections:

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How Popular is Pork in the United States?

What’s for dinner? Chicken may be the most popular answer, but pork isn’t far behind. 

Pork is the second most consumed meat in the world – just behind chicken, but ahead of beef. In the United States, pork is in third place but quickly catching up to beef. 

The US, the world’s third-largest pork producer, exports more than $7 billion worth of product every year to appreciative customers around the globe, according to data from Pork Checkoff, an organization created by an act of Congress in 1985.

Why is Pork Growing in Popularity?

Researchers can’t point out one specific reason for this shift in meat preference, but they do have several theories that could help explain its recent popularity among Americans nationwide.

  • Keto has made people feel better about indulging in bacon again! The US is currently in the midst of a decades-long trend, Bacon Mania, according to the Foundation for Economic Education. We spend $5 billion on bacon every year! Bacon Cheeseburger, anyone!
  • Americans are fueling up on fast food breakfasts which often includes pork products such as sausage.
  • The United States is a melting pot of diverse cultures, and these cultural differences are partially responsible for America’s increased consumption in pork. Mexican, Asian, and Latin cuisines often feature pork as a main ingredient. 
  • Due to the increased demand for pork, many pig plants have expanded their production. The abundance of available meat has caused prices to drop and consumers are attracted to the savings!
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Final Thoughts on a Wine Pairing with Pork

Pork is a versatile meat that can pair well with most types of wine. Whether it’s dry, off-dry or sweet, pork pairs well! The versatility of a wine pairing with pork may make your selection difficult! After all, there are so many choices. How do you choose?

We hope this information helps you make your decision on which wine to serve at your next dinner party or night out.

One final thought, be sure to consider what other foods are being served before making a final selection though as different wines work best with certain dishes.

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